Proof of the efficacy of Hiruscar Post Acne 3 in 1 formulation

Proven Efficacy*
1. To lighten any dark spots and/or reduce redness after acne heals.
2. To improve the appearance of depressed acne scars.
3. To keep acne prone skin healthy.

*Results may vary on individuals.

Medinova, a Swiss-Based Company, an expert in skin and acne scars, has developed a special product designed specifically to improve depressed scars arising from acne and help lighten dark spots and/or red marks. The unique formula consists of three key ingredients that effectively work together to reduce scar visibility and make the skin smoother while prohibiting acne from returning. Moreover, the quick-absorbing, non-greasy and pleasantly-scented clear gel is also easy to use.

MPS (Mucopolysaccharide Polysulphate)
speeds up the productivity of hyaluronic acid that increases skin cells ability to retain moisture. This results in softened scars, better oxygen and nutrients circulation in the skin’s epidermis layer. Also, it inhibits enzymes that degrade connective tissues and stimulates cell regeneration, thereby activating tissue regeneration.

Allium Cepa
prevent the building of excessive tissue while reducing scar size, red rashes and black marks. It also prohibits the excessive production of melanin, therefore skin complexion appears even-toned and smoother.

an anti-bacterial agent which can help to reduce new and re-occurrence of acne by prohibiting the growth of bacteria, which can accumulate on facial skin.

Allantoin, Vitamin B3
The formulation also contains other ingredients that can help treat scars and improve skin condition such as Niacinamide or Vitamin B3 (inhibits melanin creation and diminishes skin blemishes) and Allantoin (relieves itching, accelerates skin renewal process and improve skin hydration)

There are also other ingredients which help treat scars and improve skin conditions such as Niacinamide or Vitamin B3 which help inhibit melanin creation and diminishes skin blemishes, Allantoin which helps relieve itching and accelerate the skin renewal process and also improve skin hydration.

*Results may vary on individuals.