General Scars

Hypertrophic bulging scars like hypertrophic and keloid scars can be treated in various ways, one of which is a wound membrane dissipating injection. Plastic and laser surgery can also be performed in case of large affected regions in order to prevent scars from becoming thick again. After the wound has closed completely, apply scar treatment products or silicone sheets onto the scar.

Hypertrophic for those dimpled scars, scar care products are recommended to deflate them to normal condition. However, laser surgery and subcision are suggested for deeply dimpled scars in order to boost new collagen production around affection area. Filler injections are another highly effective option for treatment.

Acne Scars

Appropriate acne scar treatment products are therefore necessary for the treatment of acne scars as well as the prevention of new acne formation, particularly at the same area where the existing acne scars are healing. Thus, existing acne scars can be fully treated and have the potential to help mitigate the chance of acne scar formation.

Active Ingredients to Look For

MPS (Mucopolysaccharide Polysulphate) is recognized by many as the most vital ingredient scar care. It helps to revitalize your skin back to fine and smooth condition. MPS will also increase the production of substitute collagen and elastin that will elevate the moisture-holding rate of inner layers of skin and will also soften scars.

Allium Cepa will decrease surplus fibroblast, collagen and tissue which normally lead to excessively thick scars. These two substances, combined with the right mixture of other essential items, will help rearrange new cells correctly and will help heal troubled skin naturally


Keeping up with society’s definition of perfect is almost impossible today. Never-ending workload, 24-hour email-incoming, the everyday traffic jam, pulling all-nighters now and then… as if surviving today’s fast-paced city living isn’t stressful enough, you wake up one morning and find unsightly acnes growing on your face. Sometimes you get away unharmed, but sometimes you get scarred – and unlike acne that comes and goes, scar is usually a persistent pain in the neck.

Teenagers are more prone to acne breakouts, but stepping into adulthood does not mean acnes are gone for good. Stress, diet, sleep deprivation and many mixed factors may contribute to the familiar inflammation, and without adequate treatment, may result in facial scarring that can be frustrating and upsetting, as scars stay longer than the original acnes.

The intense inflammation and cyst formation when acnes grow on face cause injury to skin, prompting the growth of fibrous tissue to replace normal skin after injury. This area of fibrous tissue forms what we call a scar. A scar consists of the same collagen that forms normal skin, but is aligned differently, causing an unattractive appearance.

Just like there are many myths surrounding how to treat acnes, there is also a lot of misleading information about acne scars available online and offline. The big question is “how to get rid of acne scars”? Today we’ll look into some of the myths about acne scars.

3 Myths About Acne Scars and How You Can Remove Acne Scars

Myth #1: You cannot prevent acne scars.

Some say that if you grow acnes, you can only count on your luck if acnes develop into scars afterwards. There is nothing you can do to prevent acne scar formation. However, the truth is acne scars are absolutely preventable and the best way to tackle acne scar is actually treating active acnes.

Acne scars can be prevented as soon as acne breaks out. Using a unique 3-in-1 formulation, Hiruscar Post Acne is specially-designed gel to treat acne scar, dark mark and pimple inflammation or even to prevent new acne formation. How to get rid of acne scars with Hiruscar Post Acne? It contains ingredients including Pionin, an anti-bacterial agent that helps to reduce new and re-occurrence of acne, as well as Niacinamide or Vitamin B3, which helps to inhibit melanin creation and diminishes skin blemishes.

Once acne appears less inflamed, apply Hiruscar Post Acne gel continuously for four weeks to prevent acne from developing into scars. Continuous treatment can also help prevent acne re-occurrences.

Myth #2: Sun exposure can minimise acne scars.

When exposed to sunlight, human skin produces Vitamin D which brings multiple benefits including helping to cool inflammation and reduce acne. Minimal amount of sun exposure may make minor improvement, but you have to be careful not to prolong sun exposure, as it could promote rapid exfoliation which clogs pores and causes more breakouts.

The key to getting rid of acne scar is to take ingredients that help heal the skin and boost the production of replacement cells, such as Vitamins A and E. Today acne scar removal is made easier for you with Hiruscar Post Acne, a specially-formulated gel to effectively combat acne scars.

Hiruscar Post Acne contains MPS (Mucopolysaccharide Polysulphate), which returns elasticity to your skin by retaining moisture, while also softens scars. The gel also contains Allium Cepa, a substance that decreases surplus fibroblast, collagen and tissue leading to excessively thick scars. Its 100% anti-bacterial property, Pionin also helps prevent new acne and pimple formation. These three ingredients, combined with the right mixture of other essential items, will help rearrange new cells correctly and will naturally improve troubled skin.

Myth #3: Interventional treatment is the only way.

Some believe that interventional treatment such as laser surgery is the only way around acne scars. Severe scarring may improve using interventional treatment, while very light scarring may even heal on its own. But interventional treatment is certainly not the only option you have.

Laser surgery normally deteriorates old tissue to boost the production of new replacement cells, which usually leaves you with burns and scabs. There is less chance of scars appearing if you let the scab come off on its own. Using the right ointment may be safer in comparison as surgery may involve more unforeseen complications.

Developed by Medinova, a Swiss-based company and an expert in skin and acne scars, Hiruscar Post Acne consists of multiple ingredients that effectively reduce scar visibility by accelerating the skin renewal process. To improve the appearance of acne scars, simply apply Hiruscar Post Acne to the closed wound 2 to 3 times a day for a month or until skin returns to normal condition.

Acne scars can seriously affect one’s self-confidence. The emotional damage of acne scarring can be as real as the physical damage. Learn to treat acne scars the right way to get good riddance of them. Start using the correct solutions to regain your healthy skin and confidence today!