How do scars form?

General Scars

example of scars

Internal Factors

Our genes determine how slowly or quickly our body can produce new skin cells and collagen. If our body’s skin cell renewal is slow, then scars tend to be more prominent and take longer to heal.

The way a scar forms is also affected by the location of the wound. The skin in the chin, jaw, neck, shoulders, chest and upper back areas are thinner compared to the rest of the body which is why scars form easily in these areas.

External Factors

External causes of scars are often unavoidable causes such as acne, chicken pox, vaccinations or surgery. Clean the wound properly to prevent infection and refrain from picking off scabs until the scab comes off by itself.

Acne Scars

example of acne scars

Acne scars are a result of the skin’s natural healing and remodeling process. This is particularly true in the case of recurring inflammation at the same site, resulting in permanent scars, red spots, black spots and pits/depressed scars. Squeezing of acnes is another cause of bacterial infection and recurring inflammation at the same site.

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