When we cannot protect our children at all times

When your child cries after sustaining an injury in a rough play or accident, you as a parent would feel the pain too and wonder how you could stop the pain.

If treatment is not given in a timely manner, the wound may turn into an ugly scar, which may result in your children feeling lack of confidence and inferior because their friends may make fun of them.

It is important that parents learn, to treat wounds properly and effectively so that your children’s skin is able to recover to its previous smoothness.

A gentle yet effective way to improve scars on delicate skin

There are many ways to improve a scar and some of these approaches can be quite scary, even to adults, e.g. radiation, surgery, corticosteroid injection, silicone gel, etc.

However, the simplest, safest and most convenient way to improve a scar is to use a gel that has been proven to be gentle, safe, non-allergenic and able to make the scar looks less noticeable and smoother.

The gel can be absorbed to restore the skin to its natural softness and smoothness.

Gently apply Hiruscar Kids to close wounds 2-3 times* daily. Continual application will help scars to appear less visible, smoother and softer.

*Results may vary on individuals.