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Did you know that acne affects over 85% of Malaysians aged 12 to 24? A Journal of Primary Healthcare study reveals that facial acne is prevalent among 67.5% among adolescents in Malaysia and there is a rising incidence of facial acne with increasing age.

The study also indicates that acne is more common among male adolescents aged 13 to 18, the problem affecting 71.1% of boys and 64.6% girls.

With these statistics in mind, Hiruscar Post Acne has launched an educational campaign titled “My Skin, My Confidence” to generate greater awareness on the incidences of acne scarring.

As part of the campaign, the brand visited 10 universities in Klang Valley to educate students about the formation of scars and different skin conditions.

Hiruscar Post Acne, which specialises in post-acne scar care, also organised a two-day symposium with pharmacists in Bangsar and Johor Baru.

The brand’s senior marketing manager Pang Koon Yin said many young adults who experienced acne or facial blemishes at certain phases in life did not realise that there was a solution to the issue.

“Scars may develop in different forms, shapes and sizes, even the slightest scar caused by acne and dark marks may affect one’s quality of life.

“In response to this, the ‘My Skin, My Confidence’ campaign is timely to urge young adults to take control of their scarring condition. Left untreated, acne scars may cause severe consequences to a person’s physical, mental and social well-being, from lack of confidence to even depression,” she said.

Clinical psychologist Low Mi Yen said the relationship between the severity of acne and emotional distress was poorly understood, although people were aware that acne could be a source of distress and embarrassment.

Pang added that the Hiruscar Post Acne campaign would encourage more Malaysians to take charge of their skin condition by engaging with consumers through on-ground and online activities to help young adults further understand the nature of scarring.

To find out more about “My Skin, My Confidence” campaign, visit Hiruscar’s Facebook page at or go to

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