Travelling Safe With Your Little Ones

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Travelling Safe With Your Little Ones

‘Tis the season for a family holiday!

Now that borders are safely reopening, and travel is on the table again, it’s time to enjoy a fun family day out! Whether you’re thinking of going for a picnic in the park, stroll by the beach or adventure in the woods, a little fresh air is exactly what the doctor ordered, especially after the year we’ve had.

Still, it can be quite stressful travelling with young ones.

As parents, you want the world for your children; to witness their curious little minds and feet adventure is utter bliss, but when their childish wonder confuses sharp rocks as playthings, it’s a little nerve-wrecking to say the least.

Try as we might, it’s nearly impossible for an active child to miss out on a few scrapes and cuts in their life, especially on holiday. And though a kiss from Mum or Dad, some TLC, and a sweet treat is often all that is needed, there are times when wounds might need a little more help to heal properly. For these times, get prepared with Hiruscar Kids!

Hiruscar Kids is the simplest, safest, and most convenient kid-friendly scar gel. This topical gel for children helps soften, flatten, and improve the coloration of the scar, and is so easy to carry in your bag! It also has a kid-friendly scent they’ll surely love and not just rub away. And all you really need to do is massage the topical gel onto your kids scars every 12 hours – Hiruscar will do the rest!

The best part of the kid-friendly scar gel is that it isn’t just for your rumbustious kids. Your I-want-to-do-it-myself-don’t-touch-me teens can benefit from this scar removal gel for children too! Because of how easy and safe it is, they can treat their wounds by themselves and your peace of mind.

For you #BoyMumsandDads out there, these topical gel for children are always must-haves in your bag as well. A proven, non-allergenic childhood scar removal gel, it helps restore the skin to its natural softness and smoothness.

The best tip for travelling with kids is to make your own basic first aid kit ready for those tricky situations!

Build Your Own First Aid Kit

#1 Bandages – Fun patterns and shapes encouraged!

#2 Antibacterial ointment

#3 Gauze to clean & apply pressure

#4 Non-aspirin pain reliever

#5 Hiruscar Kids!

Hiruscar To Help You Have A Safe and Protected Holiday

Kids fall and cuts and scrapes are inevitable, though we wish it not. Still, young tissues are incredibly good at healing fast. With a bit of help from Mum and Dad and Hiruscar Kids, you can give your kids the best chance at healing their wounds properly with minimal scarring!

Not to mention, this childhood scar removal gel is packed with gentle yet powerful ingredients to moisturise, soften, and soothe your children’s skin for fast recovery.

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