Wear Sunscreen diligently – You may think it’s a small thing, but here are some facts. Harmful rays are developing due to the depletion of the ozone layer, so you will need that added protection. To protect our skin from skin cancer, wear sunscreen to help reduce the chance of getting one. Or maybe you just want to stay beautiful – with sunscreen it helps with skin discolorations, reducing facial red veins, blotchiness, and even slows down premature aging skin. Tell those wrinkles they can wait!

Do mask or scrub at least once a week – Facial scrub should be in one of your beauty routines. It exfoliates the old skin and reveal the new skin underneath. Ever wonder why you skin looks flakey? You need to scrub it up to reveal your true beauty. It will also get rid of the dirt and old dead skin, leaving you with a smooth fresh skin.
Add in facial mask to complete your routine! Cleaning is one thing, but deep cleansing is another. You can do this by just applying facial mask to get rid of the impurities deep inside your pores, unclogging them and make sure that your face is clear from bacteria. Sorry pimples.. Not this time! Apart from that, it will make you feel relaxed, a time where you can enjoy some me time and chill while giving your skin a glowing good time!

Spend More Time in Bed – Sleep is essential for us to recover and replenish ourselves after a long tiring day. Insufficient sleep will increase inflammation which can cause a lot of problems for our skin such as break-outs, increased sensitivity, increased irritant dermatitis and more. It will also worsen the skin condition that you might have right now. Get enough sleep to ensure that your skin is glowing and hydrated. It will also decrease the chance of dark circles under your eyes and definitely add some youth back to our skin!

Quit Smoking – Smoking can cause stress to our body and smokers will have tendency to suffer some facial flaws. Some of it you might already see it, such as yellowish teeth, discolored nails, receding and pale gums. This is due to the fact that the toxin within cigarettes cuts the oxygen and nutrient supply to your skin. Get help to quit smoking! You will reap the benefits of a smoke free lifestyle in no time! In 2017, you can expect to have clearer skin, brighter eyes, prettier lips, nails and shinier hair!