If being indoors has taught us anything in the past year, it’s that a seemingly innocent coffee table edge can leave quite the mark after a workout session in our living room slash gym. That, and the fact that some of us might be a tad bit more accident-prone than others.

Cooking, working out, fixing up the kitchen sinks, walking to the kitchen for a midnight snack – all perfectly normal everyday activities that we’ve never batted an eyelash at before, but in a home full of people, and life constantly happening at all hours, accidents can happen at any corner; literally with left out toys, clutter, and pointy table edges. And let’s not forget all our MCO Chefs, taking the phrase “no pain, no gain” to another level with the new-recipe cooking oil burns for proof.

The chaos definitely added flavour to our time at home, but now that it has had time to heal, it’s time to start caring for your cuts and scars caused by staying home with Hiruscar Scar Care range!

You Can’t Do It All Yourself

Many of us have probably dipped our toes in Do It Yourself projects this lockdown. A single look on the feed will tell you that. This was partly to fill in the commute time holes left by the shortened route from our bed to the kitchen table. Still, we’re sure the handy work hasn’t come without the price of some intense scars from differentiating the woodworking tools or cuts from a pair of gardening shears. In these times, the Hiruscar Gel is a great home scar treatment, and a handy-person’s best friend!

Quick-absorbing, non-greasy, and a film-free clear gel, it will significantly help reduce scar visibility. Whether it’s battle scars from kid-proofing your home with an impossible baby gate or sorting out your porch garden, the gel will synergistically help lighten, smoothen, and flattens scars safely and efficiently!

Care For Your Active Little Ones

Kids are the light in many of our lives, but they’re also a ball of constant energy. You can only do so much to contain them within four walls with the pair of eyes and hands you have.

To a spirited 5-year-old, the couch might look like a spaceship, and the floor lava, but carpet burns, and knee scrapes can really leave a mark on their soft skin. Your kids are in safe hands with Hiruscar Kids! A gentle, safe, non-allergic gel that soothes the scar and makes it less noticeable and smoother.

Healing From Kitchen Scars

You’ve heard of first, second, and third-degree burns, but there are more than that. From electrical to oil burns, regardless of the type of burn you receive, avoid the risk of long-term scarring with Hiruscar Scar Care range!

So, MCO Chefs, it’s okay – even the top Michelin Star Chefs get burnt sometimes. You focus on the new mouth-watering recipes and leave the cooking oil burn scars to the Hiruscar Silicone Pro! The best burn scar removal gel, it safely and effectively heals your scars and reduces the itching.

All that aside, the best home scar treatment is nothing without consistency. For the best results, use the Hiruscar Scar Care range right after the wound has healed and continue to for as long as the instructions say.

Hiruscar For All Your Cuts and Scars At Home

Lockdown has definitely taught us a lot of things, but more importantly, it has helped us realise the importance of the tiny, everyday details. After every bad storm comes a beautiful rainbow, and after every bad fall, there is the best home scar treatment – Hiruscar!