Chinese New Year preparations are fun, but sometimes (as much as we try to avoid it) injuries are still bound to happen, leaving us with scars that could last a lifetime. From kitchen preparations to cleaning up the house, combined with rushing to complete our mile-long list of tasks, we’re bound to have an accident or two.

To effectively treat these scars, it’s best to be prepared with the right scar removal gel to help the skin heal fully and then hide any other remnants of a scar with scar lightening cream. You could even put it in your first aid kit, just to make sure you’re really prepared for anything.


To treat our scars, let’s look at the most common preparation activities to understand what causes these scars and what kind of scars occur. 

Spring Cleaning

Cleaning up around the house involves moving furniture and that could result in minor cuts if not careful. These little nicks and cuts, although do not hurt much, could cause long term “fine-line scarring”, however small they may be. However, deeper cuts would then cause other kinds of scarring like keloid or hypertrophic scars.

Clean up those scars too

In situations like these, a simple scar removal gel will do wonders to remove milder scars, like Hiruscar Gel. While for more sever scarring, a great silicone gel for keloid scars or hypertrophic scars like Hiruscar Silicone Pro can help clear up your skin.

When food gets too hot

The kitchen can be a dangerous place if we lose our focus. Cooking or baking could cause painful burns that could act as a reminder of our mistakes by forming hypertrophic cooking oil burn scars (minor) or even keloid cooking oil burn scars (more severe).

Although it’s important to have the right scar removal gel, you don’t need a specific silicone gel for keloids or silicone gel for burn scars. Instead, Hiruscar Silicone Pro scar removal gels can take care of those scars for you, just the same as other types of scars.

Your final line of defense

Whether its cuts from cleaning, cooking oil burn scars, or even gardening, we should always be prepared with a scar-removal action plan for all the scars that are waiting to pounce on us. To effectively remove a scar, you need a solution that can flatten, smoothen and then lighten the scar afterwards.

Hiruscar does all that, giving the scar the nutrients it needs to fully heal while also acting as a scar lightening cream, making you forget your scar was there in the first place. Find out more about how you can prepare to usher in the Chinese New Year with confidence and hide your battle scars with our range of products.