Scars are unavoidable. From a little scratch to burns, injuries or surgery, scars can form a permanent reminder of our past, whether we like it or not.  

Basically, our body works naturally to heal the wound. As your skin repairs, it’s normal that a scar may form on your skin as part of the healing process. However, did you know that with a proper wound care from an early stage, the scars can become less noticeable and less severe? 

The first strategy to caring for your scars is to understand your scars better. Here we provide you with some important details on the 5 most common types of scars:  

Types of Scars 

  1. Normal fine-line scars  
    These scars will gradually fade and flatten over time. From minor cuts or surgery, this scar type will not disappear completely, and you’ll be left with a visible scar or line.  
  2. Keloid scars  
    These scars are often itchy, painful and may also restrict movement if the scars are tight. Usually, the Keloid scar keeps growing even after the wound has healed and it is raised above the skin surface.  
  3. Hypertrophic Scars 
    Whether it’s from skin trauma, burns, or surgery, a hypertrophic scar is a thick scar that’s an abnormal response to wound healing. Hypertrophic scars commonly occur around the taut skin areas. 
  4.  Acne Scars  
    As widely known, acne scars are usually the result of inflamed blemishes caused by skin pores engorged with excess oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria.  
  5. Scar contractures  
    Often caused by burns, scar contractures happen when the skin shrinks. This scarring leads to tightness and restriction in movement. 

Early Wound Treatment Goes a Long Way 

There are various options to minimize scars and to prevent scar formation for you to choose from, but do they really work to make your scars look less visible within a short period of time? 

With Hiruscar care solutions and scar prevention products, you can easily prevent most of the scars from the early stage to avoid prominent scarring. No matter what kind of scars you have, severe or mild, Hiruscar Silicone Pro is one of the best scar reduction gel for you to try.

This scar treatment gel prevents and treats the formation of scars from surgery, accidents, burns, and more to improve the appearance of old and new scars just within 4 weeks! As soon as a cut, burn or anything that can cause a scar occurs, just quickly apply the best ointment to prevent scarring, Hiruscar Silicone Pro to provide the skin with what it needs to effectively heal itself.

Hiruscar Silicone Pro is a great gel to minimize scars as it effectively seals the skin with a silicone gel layer and protects it from bacterial invasion, which can cause abnormal collagen production and heavier scarring

This best scar prevention gel by Hiruscar safely performs the Triple Action of lightening scar marks, flattening and softening scars, and reducing itching. Offering a quick-drying formula, this scar prevention product is a pleasant early wound treatment to be used on both normal and sensitive skin.   

Remove Your Scars Effortlessly!

There’s no need to go through expensive, invasive procedures or buying highly priced creams to avoid scars anymore. By using our easy-to-spread scar prevention product,  Hiruscar Silicone Pro from the early stage of scar formation, you can now get rid of your scars and make them look less visible without spending too much money or suffering from any side effects.